Be careful of drunk, drug-impaired drivers this Labor Day weekend

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As the Labor Day holiday weekend arrives, drivers throughout Alabama and the rest of the country will travel for the last summer getaway. They expect good times, but also must brace themselves for a potential onslaught of impaired drivers – dangers on any road.

Law enforcement expects to be out in full force looking for drunk and drug-impaired drivers. Road safety is essential for any traveler. But, during the holidays, that safety is at risk due to the behavior of irresponsible, reckless and law-breaking drivers.

Do not engage, call 911

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), more than 10,000 people die annually in Labor Day holiday road crashes caused by impaired drivers. Younger drivers are some of the most notorious for this behavior. The GHSA cited statistics from Labor Day in 2019, noting that 46% of the drivers aged 18 to 34 who died in such crashes were legally drunk.

Here are some things that drivers should do if they encounter a suspected impaired driver:

  • Keep your distance: Maintain a safe traveling distance between you and the suspected impaired driver. You do not want to get into a collision.
  • Do not engage: It is not your role to investigate. Leave that to the authorities. And do not honk your horn or attempt to talk with the driver.
  • Pull over and call 911: Provide authorities with the exact location, including street names and intersections, travel direction of motor vehicle, description of the motor vehicle and its license plate if possible.

Also, please limit night-time driving hours. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the alcohol impairment rate for drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2020 was more than three times higher at night compared with the day.

Remain vigilant on the road

The Labor Day holiday should be a time for celebration, and it usually is. However, sometimes, drivers celebrate in the wrong ways, leading to collisions attributed to drunk or drug-impaired driving. Stay safe and remain vigilant during your holiday travels.

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