The deadly dangers caused by unbalanced loads in large trucks

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An unbalanced load represents one of the more common causes of large truck crashes. When the weight within the trailer is not evenly balanced or the cargo is improperly secured, a crash leading to devastating injuries and fatalities is possible.

Why would such crashes occur? Unbalanced and unsecured loads may lead to uncontrollable and messy turns, the need for the truck driver to brake much longer and difficulty accelerating to the necessary speed. The shifting cargo may even cause the several-ton truck to overturn.

Cargo loader, trucking company and driver may be responsible

Loads within the truck’s trailer can shift while making turns. Such a crash also may lead to the truck spilling its contents onto the roadway in something known as an “escaping load.”

Such a scenario may potentially lead to further injuries to unsuspecting drivers and motorcyclists who find themselves unable to maneuver around obstacles such as appliances and building materials suddenly thrust in their pathway.

Once such a crash occurs, the finger of blame immediately surfaces. Who is at fault? Responsibility lies with whomever loaded the large truck’s trailer.

In such situations, blame may lay squarely with the third-party company enlisted to load the truck, the trucking company if it loaded the truck as well as the truck driver, who oversaw the crew who loaded the cargo. Remember that negligence may have played a factor.

Seek legal guidance

If tragedy strikes of if you or your passengers sustained injuries in a large truck collision caused by an unbalanced load, you may be entitled to compensation. Seek the guidance of an empathetic and experienced attorney.

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