A window into the challenging aftermath of traumatic brain injuries

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) pose countless challenges for survivors and their loved ones. These injuries often bring about permanent shifts in how survivors navigate day-to-day life. They may cause drastic changes in personality, mobility, cognitive function and emotional regulation, among other areas.

Severe TBI cases may require round-the-clock professional care or residence in a care facility. And even mild TBIs like concussions can have a lasting impact.

Understanding TBIs from various angles

There are many aspects to understanding a TBI, and no two brain injuries are exactly alike. Survivors may experience a range of symptoms, shifts and impairments in the aftermath of their injury. These shifts may still be occurring months or years later. As a result, there is no single, predictable path for recovering from a TBI.

Still, it’s helpful for survivors, caregivers and family members to understand the possible impact of a TBI. Our firm recently published a free white paper to provide a resource for those affected by TBIs. Entitled “Traumatic Brain Injuries: Exploring The Impact On Survivors And Their Families,” the paper addresses various types of brain injuries, their causes and their impact – from a physical, emotional, practical, financial and legal standpoint. It also covers factors that affect recovery and ways for survivors and their families to connect with others in similar situations. Our goal is to equip TBI survivors and their loved ones with the resources they need to live the highest quality of life possible.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at Marsh, Rickard & Bryan, P.C. for guidance on the legal ramifications of a TBI. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing TBI survivors in personal injury claims.

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