The tragedy of dangerously defective toys

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Nothing makes a child happier than a new toy, especially one connected to a cartoon show or movie. Buying and giving kids a toy brings joy. However, that enthusiasm can turn to harm if a defect results in injuries.

Countless recalls are announced for toys. However, many of those announcements need to reach parents in time. A lack of awareness could put children in harm’s way.

Dangerous toys’ troubled history

WondersList recently released their top ten dangerous toys in history. Not surprising was the inclusion of Lawn Darts. Surprisingly, at the bottom of their list was a toy called Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab with actual samples of uranium.

Kids in Danger (KID) recently released its annual report about keeping those defective toys out of the hands of children. Last year represented the highest number of recalls since 2013, with approximately 100 products taken off shelves around the country. In total, it accounted for five million individual units.

Action needed

Advocates are demanding that the Consumer Product Safety Commission put more “teeth” into enforcement, particularly when it comes to online sales and third-party sellers who ignore recalls and continue to generate revenue marketing dangerous toys.

The CPSC does have an E-Safe team that pours through countless internet websites selling toys. Their goal is to identify recalled and defective products. Last year alone, they were responsible for 55,000 requests to take down dangerous toys.

For every new toy introduced, another one will have a defect. Toy manufacturers have a solemn duty to maintain the highest standards of safety to ensure that a child’s enjoyment of a small car or action figure does not lead to severe injuries.

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