3 causes of bicycle accidents

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Just as motorists depend on other drivers to ensure that roadways remain safe, bicyclists who ride on Alabama roadways depend on everyone they share those roadways with. Unfortunately, irresponsible decisions can put those cyclists at risk of serious or even fatal injuries. What can cause bicycle accidents?

1. Dooring

One of the safety concerns that cyclists should consider is the risk posed by vehicle doors. If someone inside a car opens their door in front of a cyclist, they may not have time to respond safely. Striking this door can cause injuries on impact, throw a cyclist over the door or even knock them into traffic. Cyclists responding to a suddenly opened door may be able to avoid the door by swerving, but this can put them at risk of colliding with moving vehicles.

2. Speeding

When vehicles travel too fast on a roadway, their speed can put others at serious risk. Cyclists are much less protected than motorists, and the accidents that result from speeding can be particularly dangerous for them. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 64% of bicyclist fatalities occur on sections of the road where speeding is more likely.

3. Distractions or failure to remain alert

Bicycles are small compared to other vehicles on the road. This means that drivers that do not remain alert when changing lanes or turning could easily miss a bicyclist in their path. Drivers who become distracted behind the wheel are also a serious source of risk for cyclists.

Because of the severity of the injuries that bicyclists sustain in traffic accidents, it can be particularly important for those injured cyclists to seek medical attention and legal guidance. With support, they can protect their health and hold negligent motorists responsible for their part in the accident.

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