A recall of COVID-19 test products

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Defective Products

For more than three years, the world has dealt with the ongoing effects and subsequent aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. While people put on masks, socially distanced, and stayed at home, medical experts were trying to find ways to provide a home test that would detect the virus in its early stages.

Several companies stepped forward to provide much-needed information for those concerned that they might have contracted the virus. For some, it was the start of a severe illness. For others, a negative test represented peace of mind.

A high-profile recall

Not all COVID tests are as effective as advertised. A recent recall revealed that one such testing product is contaminated with bacteria strains from the kits’ liquid. Simply put, a product that tests to identify a potential illness can actually result in serious medical consequences, even if the test result is negative.

The manufacturer of SD Biosensor, Inc. Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests and distributor Roche Diagnostics are part of a self-imposed recall of more than 500,000 test kits. With high-profile placement at CVS and through Amazon, time is of the essence.

In addition to health risks, results of a test may lead to false results, potentially making a bad situation that much worse if the subject actually contracted COVID-19.

The FDA is calling for those who have already purchased the kits to stop using them and throw them out. However, the contaminated liquid solution should not be disposed of, mainly through a drain. Officials are also clarifying that the testing product was not a free offering from the federal government.

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