Hip injury pain after an accident: what it could mean

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Immediately following a car accident, your body is sore and aching, making it challenging to identify any internal or severe injuries you must address. The shock of the accident impact can cause residual effects, both short-term and long-term.

Hip pain from a car accident injury

The hips are essential to the body. Hips carry a significant portion of your body’s weight and are connected to your legs and spine, all working together to function. A car accident can cause a hip injury that you may or may not immediately detect.

Some symptoms associated with hip injuries include:

  1. Intense or dull pain in the hip area
  2. Pain in the back or groin
  3. Pain that radiates down your legs
  4. Throbbing pain in your hips
  5. Pain in your knees or calves

Hip injuries can range in severity from a mild bruise to a hip dislocation or fracture. There are ways to detect these injuries, and you must contact your medical provider if you have any of these symptoms or any others. Delaying treatment can have serious repercussions.

Why are hips so easily injured?

Hips can suffer trauma easily in a car accident. The joint that connects the hip bones does not contain much fluid, which would otherwise help protect the joints better. In addition, any internal bleeding can inflame the area, causing severe hip pain.

Even though you may have a hip injury, you could feel pain somewhere else, for example, down your sciatic nerve. However, the pain could originate from the hip and the pain felt in your sciatic nerve could be a secondary site or consequence of the hip injury.

Hips are essential parts of the body. After a car accident, it is critically important to be alert for any symptoms, including pain in any area in or surrounding the hips. Contact your doctor if you have any pain in the area or any other concerns.

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