Most common injuries stemming from car accidents

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Car accidents are common and unfortunately can cause serious injuries to the body. Some injuries are more serious than others and require specialized, long-term care. Some of these can be life-threatening.

Other injuries are less serious and require shorter-term treatment, and the patient can be released from medical supervision within a short period of time after the accident.

What are the most common injuries suffered by car accident victims?

The most common injuries are unfortunately the most serious, including:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries
  2. Spinal injuries
  3. Paralysis (quadriplegia)
  4. Back injuries
  5. Internal injuries
  6. Burns
  7. Fractures
  8. Broken bones
  9. Disfiguration and scars
  10. Loss of limbs and amputations

While these are the most common injuries, there are other injuries that happen frequently in car accidents, like lacerations, bruises, hand injuries, shoulder injuries, knee, foot and ankle injuries and more.

In addition, a car accident can cause mental health problems like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is a recognized medical condition. Symptoms of PTSD include nightmares or unwanted memories after the car accident, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the accident, anxiety and depression, as well as changes in personality.

It is important for people who are supporting victims of car accidents, or those who are around them, to know the signs of PTSD because often, the victim themselves cannot identify they have it. While treatable, there is no known cure for it. However, with therapy and medication, research has shown that individuals can return to a fully functional life, like it was before the accident.


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