Common fatal work-related accidents

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Unfortunately, whether you work outside or inside, there is always a risk of injury when you go to work.

If you are involved in a work-related accident, it is critical to know what steps to take immediately after the accident. If you lose someone close to you because of a work-related accident, it is also critical to know how to proceed.

You must first try to assess who was responsible. After all, in many cases, you may be entitled to compensation. If you are directly involved in an accident, make sure you consider the following:

Your health

Ensuring that you are safe is always the priority after an accident. Seek medical attention immediately after the accident, whether by calling 911 or visiting your nearest emergency room. Some injuries are not immediately fatal but can lead to fatalities later on.

Recounting the details

After you ensure your health is stable, and your physician gives you the green light to do so, recounting the details of the accident and writing it all down is one of the most important things you can do.

If witnesses or officials are on the scene, make sure you write their names and contact information down if you have it or can ask them for it.

Most common fatal work-related injuries

Some injuries are much more prone to result in fatalities. Unfortunately, those typically involve workers in construction, people who have to work with equipment and individuals who slip or fall on surfaces.

  • Transportation accidents

The most common fatal accident people sustain at work is transportation related. Whether involving a car, truck or water vehicle, these accidents account for almost one-third of work-related accident deaths.

  • Slip-and-falls

The second most common accident that results in fatalities is the slip-and-fall. These common injuries can happen everywhere and are much more common than you might realize.

Workers can slip on wet surfaces, fall and hit their heads, which can easily be fatal.

  • Work equipment

Contact with work equipment is the third leading cause of work-related fatalities. In most industries, workers must handle work equipment.

Certain jobs involve lifting or touching equipment often, and other jobs, such as office work, can also require workers to operate office equipment. Some of these actions can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

Importance of exercising caution at work

While you cannot avoid all accidents, and most jobs carry risks, it is important to follow instructions, especially if you have a job that involves any type of transportation or mobilization.

Fatal work injuries are not as common as non-fatal ones. However, workers die in work-related accidents all the time, and these cases occur more often than you would expect.

Remain alert and know that you may be entitled to compensation if you suffer an accident at work or have a loved one who suffered a fatal work injury.

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