The multiple dangers on construction sites

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Construction sites carry inherent dangers. Even the most skilled and seasoned professionals can find themselves injured. The physical damage to workers can be severe when it comes to poorly maintained or improperly used equipment. Recovery time can be expensive, both in downtime due to injuries, not to mention the severity of injuries.

Malfunctions caused by poor equipment maintenance practices can take many forms.

Electrical problems

Electricity failures present significant risks on job sites that have equipment or machinery. Workers face the possibility of electrocution and fires that can sideline or end careers, not to mention the damage done to machines. From corrosion to power overloads, the consequences to projects and people can cause costly delays that can tarnish a construction company’s reputation.

Hydraulic lubricant contaminants

The smallest amount of dust, dirt, and moisture can cause significant damage to hydraulics. Ongoing maintenance is of paramount importance to avoid construction projects slowed to a crawl or outright stopping when systems are not properly flushed to prevent potentially catastrophic delays. The chain of events can also result in damage to weaker materials.

Summer thermal issues

Outdoor construction operations can wreak havoc on equipment, particularly during the summer months. Machines out in the open and under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can break down. Failures in coolant systems due to lack of maintenance – flushing or outright replacement — can slow daily construction operations to a crawl.

Winter thermal issues

Conversely, winter can do as much damage as summer. Arctic-type weather can stop the operation of all-important batteries that power machines, forcing work stoppages until a replacement can be found. Cutting budgetary corners with non-winter grade fuel and using unbalanced combinations of antifreeze and water can also slow day-to-day functions.

Staying proactive in ongoing maintenance throughout the entire construction process keeps a project running smoothly and efficiently. Ignoring the minor details can lead to preventable slowdowns and stoppages.

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